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ColdQuanta Acquires Quantum Software Application Developer
Friday 13 May 2022

US-based quantum ecosystem specialist ColdQuanta has acquired Chicago-based quantum software application and platform development firm, the company said.

The company has also undertaken the beta launch of Hilbert, the world's first gate-based cold atom quantum computer.'s full team of quantum information scientists and software developers, including CEO Pranav Gokhale and chief scientist Fred Chong, will join ColdQuanta and lead the company's new Chicago office.

The acquisition of transforms ColdQuanta into a multi-platform, quantum hardware and software company.

Hilbert supports the Qiskit API and will initially be available in beta to customers through ColdQuanta's comprehensive multi-tenant cloud platform.

Integration with public cloud services will be introduced later this year. brings deep software expertise to ColdQuanta, providing customers with a set of applications and algorithmic capabilities. will significantly enhance the capabilities of Hilbert by improving circuit performance via pulse-level optimization, optimized transpilation, and error mitigation techniques.

The ability to deeply optimize the physics of quantum computers can greatly increase their efficiency and shave years off the timeline for addressing practical applications.
Date Published: 13/05/2022