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Cloudastructure to Acquire IoT Cybersecurity Firm IPG
Friday 21 January 2022

US-based cloud video surveillance company Cloudastructure has signed a letter of intent to purchase IoT cybersecurity firm IPG, the company said.

The terms of the deal are undisclosed.

The acquisition would add an important new layer of cybersecurity to Cloudastructure's expanding physical and cybersecurity platform and a key offering for enterprise customers as they embrace new IoT technologies.

Routinely installed IoT devices include video surveillance, access control, fire and life safety, utilities, conveyance, HVAC and building management.

IPG's cybersecurity tool GearBox is a "plug-and-play" tool which inventories devices, performs risk analysis, compliance testing and rogue device detection.

This combined with readily accessible normalized data alleviates the level of risk introduced by IoT installations.

The IPG team will be joining Cloudastructure, including Steve Kiss, CEO, as general manager, IoT Security.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, with R and D in Silicon Valley, California, Cloudastructure's award-winning surveillance video management system is designed and supported by world-class technical resources drawn from five continents.

The platform's unique architecture enables AI and computer vision for scalable, flexible, cost-effective security and eliminates the resource-intensive management and data risks of on-premises solutions.

Cloudastructure enables a unified view of multiple sites for motion, facial recognition/detection, anomaly detection, object counting, LPR, advanced analytics, and compliance and delivers up to a 75% lower total cost of ownership than other systems.

Infrastructure Proving Grounds produces the award-winning GearBox IoT security tool. GearBox combines a durable appliance with simple execution to allow industrial operators the insight they need to secure their infrastructure.

GearBox provides cybersecurity and performance metrics to some of the nation's most critical infrastructure including utilities, commercial buildings, healthcare and transportation.
Date Published: 21/01/2022