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Bechtle to buy Redmond Integrators
Thursday 12 January 2012

12 January 2012 - German IT applications provider Bechtle AG (ETR:BC8) announced an agreement for the acquisition of Redmond Integrators GmbH, a Bochum-headquartered software company.

The statement contained no information pertaining to financial arrangements.

The deal reflects Bechtle's ongoing commitment to expanding its IT capabilities. Last July, it acquired HanseVision GmbH, another local software solutions specialist.

Redmond Integrators provides consulting and training services in addition to concept development and project management. The company, which has 15 employees, reported 2011 revenues of EUR1.5m (USD1.9m).
Date Published: 12/01/2012
Target: Redmond Integrators GmbH
Country: Germany
Sector: IT/Online Services, Computer software
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Agreed
Buyer: Bechtle AG