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Unifind gets nearly 98% of Gewiss
Friday 22 July 2011

Italian investor Unifind said Friday it had reached a holding of 97.996% in Gewiss (BIT:GEW) after buying an additional 12.332% in the electrical and lighting equipment maker under its buyout offer closed on 13 June.

The buyer said in a statement it would acquire the rest of 2.004% in Gewiss at EUR5.10 (USD7.34) per share, or a total of EUR12.3m, with payment settlement scheduled for today.

Gewiss will be taken private on 29 July, the investor added.

Unifind is buying Gewiss together with its company Polifin SpA and businessman Domenico Bosatelli.
Date Published: 22/07/2011
Target: Gewiss SpA
Country: Italy
Sector: Machinery/Engineering
Type: P2P
Status: Agreed
Buyer: Polifin SpA , Domenico Bosatelli, Unifind SpA
Price for the remaining 2% is USD18m.