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Uniphore Acquires Spain-Based Emotion Research Lab to Expand Capabilities in Video-Based Communications
Friday 22 January 2021

California-based Conversational AI technology company Uniphore has acquired Spain-based video and emotion AI provider Emotion Research Lab, to add video capabilities to portfolio, the company said.

Specific financial terms and other details of the deal are not being disclosed.

When combined with Uniphore's CSA solutions, which understands, analyses and automates voice conversations in real-time, Emotion Research Lab's extensive video-focussed AI capabilities will deliver entirely new applications and experiences across the enterprise.

The combination will drive new waves of transformation by delivering automated and intelligent conversational and collaboration resources that enhance communication and can ultimately drive better business results.

Uniphore is a Conversational Service Automation company that enables businesses to deliver transformational customer service by providing an automation platform where digital agents take over transactional conversations from humans, coach agents during calls, and accurately predict language, emotion and intent.

Emotion Research Lab is a software developer that uses AI and machine learning, to identify emotion and engagement levels in real-time over video-based interactions.
Date Published: 22/01/2021