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QuestionPro Acquires Customer Experience Platform SuiteCX
Tuesday 18 October 2022

US-based online survey and research services provider QuestionPro has acquired customer experience and journey mapping platform provider SuiteCX, the the company said.

According to QuestionPro, the combination creates the first "full stack customer experience" platform that offers capabilities across the lifecycle of the customer experience, from Journey Mapping to Voice of the Customer programs to surveys, NPS and Reputation management, including workflows to manage both the inner and outer loops.

By bringing SuiteCX into QuestionPro's market research platform, customers can now benefit from a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for the customer experience from the earliest stages of ideation and mapping to the understanding of customer sentiment through surveys and analytics.

The combined solution is now easier and more powerful than ever for customers seeking to develop and deliver the ultimate customer experience.

SuiteCX is the only customizable and secure customer experience, journey mapping and journey analytics platform.

The platform includes support for design-based innovation, facilitated brainstorming, 360-degree CX visualization, customization, persona support, collaboration and sharing, diagnostics, storytelling and prioritization.

QuestionPro a global provider of online survey and research services that help companies make better decisions through data.

Its CX platform offers a range of features designed to help companies rate, understand and improve consumer sentiment, Net Promoter Score and Reputation so that they can reduce customer churn, boost satisfaction and referral and acquire new customers.

As part of the transaction, SuiteCX will integrate into QuestionPro's CX group as an operating subsidiary and maintain its separate name and brand.

Related, SuiteCX has fully integrated its 1to1 Marketing Strategy and CX consulting business, the East Bay Services Group, into SuiteCX to create one streamlined business entity able to understand both the "what" and "why" of customer relationships.

SuiteCX is the only customizable and most secure customer experience, journey mapping and journey analytics platform.

In addition to robust customer journey mapping capabilities, the platform enables companies to plan and improve customer experience through integrated survey data, persona development, improvement planning, and the creation of detailed contact strategies.

The IP behind SuiteCX is backed by over 150 years of combined experience in Customer Relationship Management and Customer Experience Consulting.

As a powerful alternative to delivering tons of slides, documents, spreadsheets and posters, SuiteCX is able to empower marketing, operations, sales, service and other CX professionals with a software tool that holds all CX analysis and planning in one place.

SuiteCX is recognized as a leader by Forrester and Spark Quadrant in the field of strategic thinking and mapping of the customer experience.
Date Published: 18/10/2022