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Lü and Megaform Acquire French EdTech Marbotic
Friday 27 January 2023

Canada-based educational technology company Lü Interactive Playground and Belgian educational products and resources Megaform have jointly acquired French educational technology company Marbotic, the company said.

Founded in 2011, Marbotic has developed an interactive educational product that uses the Montessori method to help young children learn math and reading.

The company's products have already been translated into 10 languages and have been sold in Apple Stores around the world for several years.

To date, more than 115,000 Marbotic products have been sold to homes and schools in 52 countries, while their educational app has been downloaded 5m times.

Having worked with major industry players such as Osmo, the company has also made its way into schools in the Netherlands, where several thousand teachers use their technology every day.

Lü Interactive Playground is a Quebec City educational technology company that transforms elementary learning spaces into immersive learning environments.

Lü hardware comprises giant wall projections, 3D cameras, and light and audio systems that create larger-than-life interactive learning experiences.

Lü software comprises a diverse catalog of curriculum-based games and activities that integrate the core components of whole-child development and make learning fun.

With more than 1400 schools in 35 countries seeing improvements in attendance and performance, Lü is opening schools to new ways of teaching.

Megaform, Lü's European partner since 2018, is dedicated to providing educational products and resources to the institutional market (clubs, schools, institutions) in the field of Physical Education and Well Being for all ages and abilities.

The company is based in Belgium, the heart of Europe, and has been serving distributors throughout Europe and beyond for over 30 years.
Date Published: 27/01/2023