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PROS buys rival SignalDemand for USD13.5m
Tuesday 17 December 2013

17 December 2013 - US big data software company PROS Holdings Inc (NYSE:PRO) said that it had purchased domestic sector player SignalDemand Inc for USD13.5m (EUR9.8m) in cash.

San Francisco-based SignalDemand, with a staff of some 40, offers predictive and prescriptive analytics and optimisation for resource-based and commodity-driven businesses.

Commenting on the takeover, PROS president and CEO Andres Reiner said that the deal was an important move within his company's efforts to provide growth-driving big data solutions to customers.

The addition will extend the reach of PROS's services into the resource-based, commodity-driven industries, Reiner noted. His counterpart at SignalDemand, Mark Tice, stated that as part of PROS, his company would continue bringing value to its customers and partners.
Date Published: 17/12/2013
Target: SignalDemand Inc
Country: USA
Deal Size: 13.5m (USD)
Sector: Computer software
Type: Corporate acquisition
Status: Closed
Buyer: PROS Holdings Inc